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Family Photography

My family photo shoots are about having fun, capturing natural smiles and creating memories. I am a Mum myself and know how important these memories are.

The style of my photography is all about creating natural images, capturing a connection between the family and enjoying yourselves at the same time.

When you book a family photo session with me, I try to make everyone feel relaxed, so no need to stress if your child has a ‘moment’ during the shoot. I believe that location shoots where the children are playing create more natural images and the whole family can get involved without being contrived and you won’t ever be asked to say ‘Cheese’!

For young children, I often start the session in your home or garden and get the children to show me their rooms and their favourite toys before I even take my camera out.

We play games and I encourage lots of cuddles and laughter to create lots of emotion and connection in the pictures. All the time looking for the best light without losing the spontaneity of the moment. Have a look at the gallery for some examples.

As well as working with families with young children, I also work with older children and large family groups.

If you would like someone to capture those unique family moments for you, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for the beautiful photos I look forward to keeping these special pictures of my girls forever…